Come and learn about all the ways that we can add color to our world (and our t-shirts!) Similar to our Nature Walk event in July, this Science Fair is part of our Bethesda Family Fun Days! All you pay for is the shirt; we have lot of sizes available so feel free to have the whole family join!

We will meet in Bethesda's parking lot at 6:00 pm on Sat, August 15 to tie-dye our shirts! We will have seven different design choice stations so you'll be in charge of how your shirt comes out! Some of the stations will include neon tie-dye (traditional), natural dyes, tie-dye spray bottles, sharpies, and even colorful bubbles! 

After we dye our shirts, we will, once again, have a short devotional and a snack before saying goodbye! Shirts will be available for pick-up or delivery the following week after they dry! SIGN-UP by clicking here and join us for some colorful fun in the sun!