Welcome Volunteers!

Bethesda Lutheran Church runs on the servitude of our wonderful members. We have vast opportunities for involvement (both event-based and recurring), so if you would like to become further engaged in the ELCA mission, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Miriam Chadima, by clicking here!


Sew Face Masks for Our Food Pantry

Facemask Project for Ames Schools
Please consider making masks for Ames students. Healthiest Ames, the non-profit that has given Ames third-graders new helmets these past five years, is leading a community-wide effort to provide a mask for every Ames Community School District (ACSD) student.More information is available at https://www.healthiestames.org/program. Sewing AND non-sewing volunteers are needed. This will be an enormous undertaking, since they will need thousands of masks, in a variety of sizes.


Food Pantry Volunteers