Welcome Volunteers!

Bethesda Lutheran Church runs on the servitude of our wonderful members. We have many opportunities for involvement (both event-based and recurring), so if you would like to become further engaged in our ELCA mission, contact the church office by clicking here!


Bethesda walks alongside the Shighatini Lutheran Parish in the vicinity of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We have shared this ELCA Accompaniment for many years, sending Bethesda travelers, and hosting Shighatini visitors. Bethesda has been fortunate to assist with many projects in Shighatini that promote education, medical resources, fresh water access, and milk processing (to name a few) over the years.

Please enjoy this recent letter (January 2021) from our friend, Dr. Mark Mvungi to Bethesda-Shighatini Ministry Team Leader, Gerald Klonglan . . .


It is really long since we last communicated and that we are still very young inside the New year I thought it wise to send Greetings to you and not only to you and your family but to Bethesda as a whole through you. It is my sincere hope that You did celebrate the new year and that you are in good health. Am pleased to inform you that Gloria and myself are well and celebrate the New Year with the family; Our daughter from Houston came home for Christmas but could not stay for the New Year. Our son got married in December last year and that was the main reason for the daughter to come home to witness her brother getting married. That was really good.

As for me, am back to KCMC Outpatient department, from Monday to Friday; on Saturdays am in Shighatini only resting day is Sunday . I do enjoy the system so far and pray that I do not get tired soon because many people still want my services let alone my family. Gloria is equally busy with her poultry and with her one milk cow, so we are all busy. Our grandson finished his Form 4 and did very well in the exam. He god Division one and so he will go to Highschool. He wants to be a doctor so we pray for him that he does well too in highschool so that he can get to medical school.

The Milk processing plant building is in its final , really final touches. I am sure very soon it will start working. Communities are eagerly waiting to see the plant functional.

My whole hearted greetings to all members of Bethesda that remember me. May the Good Lord be with you all.


Mark Mvungi


Facemask Project for Ames Schools
Please consider making masks for Ames students. Healthiest Ames, the non-profit that has given Ames third-graders new helmets these past five years, is leading a community-wide effort to provide a mask for every Ames Community School District (ACSD) student.More information is available at https://www.healthiestames.org/program. Sewing AND non-sewing volunteers are needed. This will be an enormous undertaking, since they will need thousands of masks, in a variety of sizes.


Food Pantry Volunteers