We are Bethesda Lutheran, Church of the Living Water.

Flooded by God's grace, we strive to proclaim God's love for humanity. As a faith community, we gather all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ, grow as disciples through worship, prayer, and study of God's Word, and go into the world to share the Gospel in word and deed. That's a lot of words; often, you'll see it summarized with just three: Gather, Grow, Go.

As a congregation, we seek to focus on the grace of God. God's grace is that wonderful, powerful, undying love we desire from our innermost being. We can't help but be drawn to these life-giving waters. We can't help but share this grace with others as God's love bubbles up within us.

We are a church made up of imperfect people. We are, after all, human. When we fail, we seek forgiveness from God and strive once again to live out the life of grace, mercy, healing, and forgiveness God has called us to. We'd love for you to be a part of this movement, for the world could use this perfect love shared with everyone.

Let God's grace pour over your life here at the Church of the Living Water!

Bethesda is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or ELCA. For more details on the scriptures, creeds, and confessions of Bethesda Lutheran Church, click here.