Blind/Low Vision Support Group at Bethesda

by Tess Hanson on May 20, 2024

As Bethesda Lutheran Church continues its GATHER, GROW, GO mission, we extend support through and to Ames and our surrounding communities. While Bethesda is known locally for its ministries, clothing closet, and food pantry, some may be surprised to learn that Bethesda offers a meeting space for a blind and low-vision support group. The support group, arranged by Bethesda's own Jean Nicol Jahren, meets monthly, with some exceptions, and is growing. It is more than just a meeting, it's a community where those sight impaired can gather with others facing similar challenges. It's a place to share hardships, but also to contribute to the conversation and find support.

Many members, including those not affiliated with Bethesda, find their way to us via CyRide. This transportation option is highly valued as it provides a reliable, scheduled ride to and from our building. This means that individuals in the blind and low vision support group can easily gather at Bethesda for their meetings in the afternoon and enjoy socializing with the friends they have made through the group. In fact, for the group's May meeting, representatives from CyRide were present to discuss the various options and resources they offer for those with disabilities. Some group members even had the opportunity to tour the CyRide minibus, further enhancing their understanding and comfort with the service.

Bethesda Lutheran Church continues to be a beacon of inclusivity and community. We are committed to providing a warm environment for people from different walks of life to gather in, days before or after weekend worship. Our doors are open to all, and we strive to create a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

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