Chili Cook-Off for a Cause

by Tess Hanson on February 09, 2024

On the evening of February 4th, Bethesda Lutheran Church held their long-standing annual chili cook-off in the Commons.
Seven chili dishes made up the competition, and attendees voted for their favorite dish by leaving a cash donation of any
amount in a donation bucket on the table of the stew they liked the best. Although the competition was close, Carl Pederson
came out on top with his chili, with Pastor Bryan Simmons in second place and Nancy Ewing rounding out the top three.

The cash used to determine the winner of the competition was donated to the Ames Community School District's Lunch
Hero Program, an effort to assist in paying down negative lunch balances across the district, a cause congregation members
supported. While donations were accepted in person at the event, individuals also had the opportunity to donate online via
the chili cook-off sign-up form.

After all the competitors and event attendees had had their fill, Bethesda Lutheran Church raised over $900.00 for the Ames
Community School District's Lunch Hero Program.

To learn more about, or donate to, the Ames Community School District's Lunch Hero program, visit

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