Mids with Kids

What is "Mids with Kids"? 

“Mids with Kids”, a Christ-centered fellowship opportunity, is the result of families who desired an opportunity for parents and children to get to know one another. The intention is for Bethesda families to get to know one another while in a safe, welcoming environment surrounded and nurtured by other Christians who share a unity in their belief in who Jesus Christ is and what difference His life, death and resurrection have made. 

Who can participate in "Mids with Kids"?

“Mids with Kids” is geared specifically for parents of any familial makeup who have children aged 0 – 5th grade. It does not matter if you have older children, as long as you have kids in the age group you are welcome.


"Mids with Kids" intends to be one way bridging the gap of what being a Christian means living in a rapidly developing and changing modern world and seeks to be a place where God’s love is freely shared, parents feel supported, youth enjoy their time, the Holy Spirit is felt, the Son is proclaimed, and the Father is glorified.

Why provide this ministry?
  • Bethesda has families who attend six different school districts and two distinct worship services.
  • This inherently leads to many families that do not get a chance to meet one another until their children are together during the OASIS Confirmation program. 
  • Bethesda’s Ministry Site Profile was to Call a Pastor/Deacon who focused on building relationships and a sense of community. The “Mids with Kids” Fellowship Group is one of the first initiatives under Pastor Jonathan Dolan’s leadership that seeks to begin to meet some parts of that stated congregational goal.
Where will gatherings be?

Initially as a monthly gathering rotating between late Saturday afternoon and immediately following Sunday worship.

Pastor Jonathan Dolan will convene the gatherings setting a date, time, location and opening with a prayer. Then the kids will be sent off to play while the parents (who will have at least a visual line of sight) will engage in conversation about life, family, parenting, work, faith and everything else in between. Over time as parents become more engaged, we will be flexible to adapt and change the structure.

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